Take Part in the Exciting ´Via Dolorosa´ Project


Let us start with a little bit of history:

The church of Stara Voda u Libave has been a leading pilgrimage centre since the 17th century. Following the evacuation of the Czech Germans after the Second World War the area became a military training ground until 1989. Only after that year did local people began to visit this region once again. Since the church had become a partial ruin, the Czech Army and some expatriates decided to restore the building to its former glory. All of the artistic decoration had been lost, moved or destroyed so there is a huge amount of work to be done. Our objective is to remember the communities that have been lost in a way which would respect the spirit of the church and its immediate surroundings.


A photograph of the church of Sv. Anna and Jakub Vetsi before 1940                   The Church as it is now


Our Objectives:

Our first aim is for a group of 6th to 9th grade students to research about the lost communities of this region. This research project will involve many areas of education. Once the students have established what has happened over the past two generations our intention is to create The Fourteen Stations of the Cross with a dual purpose. Firstly to retell the agonies of Calvary for Our Lord and secondly to record the loss of so many of our communities in this region. The students will assist in the creation of the fourteen two-sided ceramic plaques. In this way the loss of so many communities will be linked to Christ´s suffering. In this way the Stations will have both a religious and a social-historical message.

How will this be achieved?

It will be an intense two-year project involving the work of a team of artists who will guide and support the students´ efforts. We would like to invite any ceramic professionals or any creative artists who have some experience of working in ceramics to become part of our team. We would be happy to hear from any schools who would like to participate in this exciting project.


Please check our website on a regular basis if you wish to be involved or know more details about this project. Look to the documents to download to see more about the drawings of the stations and to think how to participate.

If you want to participate, you are really welcome !!!!

References from our volunteers :

Mr. Modou Fall, Dakar, Senegal  24.3.2014-20.6.2014


Hello guys my name is Modou Fall I am sociologist and manager at TGS services , I take part in this project called 14 Station of the Cross from 24th of march till 24 th of jun. I recommend you to join  for two reasons, first you will gain experience in interacting with children, second you will discover beautiful landscapes .

I reckon that I learn lot of things with you .without you my stay in Czech Republic would be nothing .

Wherever I will go I will say to people that I met a good christian far away from prague , a good guy who believes in God and who goes to church very often .a guy who can lend money to unknown people from turkey…a guy creative who from nothing set up a project and invites a volunteer from africa.wow.

I reaffirm that my voluntary experience in Czech Republic was one of the best with unforgettable memories.

I appreciate your help during my visa process and lot of other stuff. ..vienna..polska..zilina..one hundred pages are not sufficient to thank you. .

Cheers my best team leader ever.

Contact volunteer for reference


Mrs. Johana Luna, Colombia, Bucaramanga, 1.10.2014-8.11.2014



Dear Premysl,

it´s hard to say good bye, when what we lived was so meaningful for our lifes. This paper isn´t enough to tell you thanks. You are the best teacher. You are the last one to leave the school. You bring people from other countries to share the experiences with your students and help you with your project. You are marking their lifes forever and they will remember you as the teacher, who made-did everything for then. And the most I liked : You helped me to be a teacher here.

Contact volunteer for reference


Mr. Djan Boahene, Ghana, Kintampo, 15.10.2014-15.11.2014



I don´t know, where to start and how to end. You are my elder brother at home, in school and in the teaching field. Your reception, company and tolerance was superb. My prayer is for us to meet again. All, I can say in Twi is „Medaase“  Djan Boahene

Contact volunteer for reference



   Reliéf po uschnutí, The relief after the clay was dry          Reliéf po 1. výpalu, The relief after the 1.st burning     Reliéf po výpalu s glazurou a se sklem

                                                                                                                                                                      The relief after the 2.nd burning as glazed and with glass




     Dekorativní reliéf, The dekorative relief                 Římsy po vyřezání, The ledges after cutting      Vyřezávací forma, The cutting form



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Documents to download about the first five Stations 2014 :




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